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About the forum
The first thing I will share with the community is the reason that I have created the forum. 

The reason I have made this forum is a place for people to share their experiences of buying or selling using Facebook groups. If you are scammed either as a buyer or seller you can share information on here which may help stop the same happening to someone else. One day we may be able to create a database of known scammers on these groups along with known aliases. We do not condone any acts of abuse, violence or intimidation towards anybody. We understand that there are two sides to every story and welcome points of view but please keep it respectful for everyone on the forum.

We will not allow personal information to be shared such as addresses and phone numbers.

You can certainly share information such as 

Name: John Smith
Known are of location: Liverpool
Facebook Profile Link

We hope to create a friendly community that people can chat or maybe share a laugh but the main aim to is help prevent scammers from getting their hands on your hard earned cash.

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